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Authenticity in Public Relations



As an aspiring Public Relations professional, I have been pondering what it means to be authentic not only in my personal life, but also in the future when I work for a company.

Think of celebrities you’ve seen interviewed who are authentic. The first person who comes to my mind is Jennifer Lawrence, an Academy Award winning A-list actress. In every one of her appearances, she is quirky, open, down-to-earth, genuine and honest––and people undeniably LOVE her for it. Why is that? It is because she is relatable, interesting and absolutely charismatic. 

The same can be true for your business! The job of a Public Relations professional is to create mutually beneficial relationships with the organization and its public. How is that possible when cleverness and great logos can only take you so far? The answer is authenticity! People love nothing more than seeing something original, relatable and ultimately REAL.

I recently read a post from one of my favorite bloggers, PR In Your Pajamas about this topic written by Tina Overbury. One of the main points she hits on is that authenticity is born from the cohesion of a company’s Mission Statement, Values, and Culture.

She talks about how every PR professional should be able to summarize their client’s mission statement, values and culture in eight words, and also discusses four other tips for integrating authenticity into the life of your company.

I enjoyed reading her post and completely agree with it. It is important to know what your company stands for and offers––and to represent that entirely as an employee. This not only promotes consistent branding, but also delivers authenticity to all stakeholders involved.

Interaction with customers is vital to knowing how your client can best serve them, and, as the blog post pointed out, using direct quotes from satisfied customers is a great way to express authenticity.

Ultimately, being authentic in the world of Public Relations is about knowing what your client stands for and representing that in every aspect of your work. Customers will certainly take notice and your clients will stand out in the crowd.

Authenticity > Cleverness

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