Wearable Technology

The new Dash headphones

The new Dash headphones.

In our world of constantly changing and expanding technology, products are constantly being developed that can fit into our daily lives, even items we can literally wear. The variety of wearable tech today is vast, including everything from digital diapers, and GPS t-shirts to digital rings and computer glasses.

Products like these are slowing gaining popularity and rising in availability as prices level out. As computer programs develop and companies continue to create new products, technology is becoming an integral part of our lives.

While digital diapers may never become a staple in most homes, wearable tech items like headphones are found in the homes of most people who possess some level of tech savviness.

A new set of headphones called The Dash, “the world’s first wireless smart in-ear headphones,” takes things a step further beyond just listening to music and adjusting volume, as seen with Apple’s headphones. According to The Dash’s head of software, Toby Martin, the dash is “a tiny microprocessor, a fusion of sensors and a powerful evaluation platform with an innovative user interface, all squeezed into the space in your ears.”

Essentially, the Dash headphones not only allow you to listen to music, but allow you to do so completely wirelessly while also measuring your walking/running distance, body temperature, heart rate and other data in order to form a complete picture of your body. The headphones work independently of a cell phone through a 4GB integrated music player. They also come with a small, medium or large rubber piece to ensure a secure fit for each person’s ears.



The Dash appears to be an extremely useful product that can simplify one’s life and eliminate the need for other products such as pedometers, heart rate watches, wired headphones and an mp3 player. This product can certainly be helpful to people who are very active and want to lighten their load during exercise. This new, subtle wearable tech product is something I could certainly see becoming highly popular in a short amount of time. They are currently available for pre-order for $299.

Watch a video about The Dash here.

Check out Mashable’s slideshow about other discreet wearable tech products here.


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2 thoughts on “Wearable Technology

  1. Gettin' Social

    I’m not quite sure I can hop on board with Google Glass and digital diapers (what?!) just yet, but this is something I would definitely be interested in. This product has some great features, especially for people who are listening to music all the time. Some technology is evolving a bit too quickly for my liking, but I’d be much more willing to give this convenient little gadget a try!

  2. KaceeAlane

    This is so cool, Suzanne! I’m not 100% sure where I stand on wearable tech in general, but these headphones seem like a versatile and unobtrusive tech that I might use. I liked your point that it would be a great tool for active people. If I got them I think it would help me to be more active or at least try, haha. Great post!


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