My Personal Learning Plan: What I’m Doing and Why It Interests Me

For my Personal Learning Plan, I am creating a online portfolio/resume, researching the necessities to include on it and learning how to to incorporate this digital aspect of my resume into print media.

As a sophomore in college, I am now settled into a Public Relations major and English minor. My dream is to do public relations in the music industry at a venue or record label. In our world of rapidly advancing technology, I recognize the importance for having a positive online presence, especially relating to job applications and a future career in my desired field.

In addition to an excellent physical resume, I am also working to develop an online version that can be readily accessed via any mobile or digital device. Doing this will display my design and technological skills and knowledge. These details are particularly vital to express because they directly relate to the fast-paced, vastly digital career path I desire to take.

I am passionate about creativity and self expression. Designing this professional portfolio/resume will allow me to display myself digitally in addition to my print resume. I will link my Wix profile via a QR on my printed resume so that potential employers can easily view my extensive digital portfolio/resume.

In order to accomplish this, I am following various Public Relations professionals on Twitter, including @PRByTheBook, @PublicityGuru, @PublicityHound, @PartiesandPR and @TressaLynne. I am also following Public Relations and Writing blogs including The PR News Blog, PR Couture, Solo PR Pro, Spin Sucks and PR Week.

I look forward to seeing everything I learn from this project and how I will develop personally and professionally in preparation for a career in Public Relations!

{Learning how to be social one day at a time!}



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